GMAP Example

I’ve had a few requests now to provide an example of using GMAP based on my previous post on the subject, so here is a very quick and dirty example that just allows you to select a map provider, and then generate a route.

You’ll probably see straight away from the messiness of the code why I decided to create a LabVIEW friendly .NET sub panel rather than code it all in LabVIEW, and I’ve actually created this by transposing my C# code just to show that it can all be done in LabVIEW if necessary.

Sadly I don’t have another PC that I can verify this on to check that it’s linking into the .dlls correctly – if it does throw a strop it might be worth moving the dll’s to the system32 directory.


Link to files :-

3 thoughts on “GMAP Example

  1. Thank you very much for the GMAP example code. It helps me a lot !
    Do you have an example code about creating a polygon in a polygon layer ?
    I don’t know how to create the pointslist parameter for the GMapPolygon object. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

    Sincerly yours


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